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Our technology vision is to have modern, secure and efficient enabling technologies to support our clients and end users on their journey to digital excellence. 

UKSBS Connect on mobile and working flexibly
UKSBS Connect on mobile and working flexibly

How we can help

We strive to craft IT solutions fostering lasting relationships built on trust, innovation, and unparalleled support. We envision a future where our clients thrive in the digital landscape, empowered by cutting-edge technologies, seamless processes, and proactive guidance.

Our technology supports an operating model with automated self service at the heart of everything we do. Our digital and information services are focused on improving the user experience with increased satisfaction whilst delivering cost and process efficiency and responding to our client needs with agility.


What we provide 

Expert advice and practical solutions

Our clients benefit from our expert IT team, delivering top-tier technical support, seamless infrastructure and network management, robust data administration, and seamless software development and integration. We continuously enhance our services, ensuring we are consistently meeting our clients' needs.

We provide architectural and SIaM services, all underpinned by our rigorous adherence to ITIL best practices and in line with our ISO 27001K accreditation and Cyber Essentials certification.

Cloud services

We provide comprehensive cloud services and infrastructure management solutions. With a proven track record and a team of highly skilled professionals, we specialise in delivering secure, scalable, and efficient cloud-based solutions. We also provide proactive monitoring, ensuring the security, scalability, and efficiency of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications 


Service integration and management (SlaM)

SlaM delivers a wide range of services to UKSBS and our clients.

Our Team are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Supplier Management, Asset Management, Financial Management, Service Validation and Testing, Change Enablement, Environment and Release Management. We ensure that our teams can operate, purchase, change and test the IT services, so that Production and Test Systems are secure and operational for UK SBS and their clients. 

API Management

API Management, facilitated by our expert IT team, is a pivotal aspect of modern technology.

Our IT team excels in crafting robust API services focussing on security, implementing authentication protocols and encryption methods to safeguard data during transit and adhere to industry standards. We prioritise developer engagement, providing user-friendly documentation and support to encourage innovation and collaboration within your organisation and with external partners whilst maintaining robust security protocols and compliance standards.

With our API Management expertise, businesses can enhance agility, foster innovation, and create interconnected digital experiences, all while maintaining robust security protocols and compliance standards. 


End user support and provision

We are dedicated to delivering seamless, user-centric experiences by providing comprehensive end-user support services. Our focus extends from provisioning essential tools and technologies to ensuring users have the knowledge and assistance they need.

We facilitate smooth onboarding processes, ensuring new users have access to the right applications and resources from day one. Additionally, our support does not stop there. We offer continuous assistance, troubleshooting, and training, ensuring that end-users are empowered to leverage technology effectively.

Our IT experts proactively monitor systems to anticipate issues, and our responsive support team is always ready to address concerns promptly.  

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