Our transformation

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Providing high quality business services is our priority in UKSBS but our ambition goes much further. 

We want to deliver an excellent user experience, operating cutting-edge business IT and underpinned by efficient processes.

Our change vision

To transform the human capacity and capability of the organisation to realise our strategic ambition through delivering high quality, efficient business services and systems, for our clients and end users on updated technologies

Where we are today

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Our change vision to transform our business began in 2021 when we decided we needed to make a step change in our capacity and capability to meet our clients’ needs in a rapidly evolving world. We have made great progress modernising our technical infrastructure, strengthening our security, and growing the skills and capabilities of our people.  These strong foundations give us great confidence as we take our next steps. 

Transformation underpins our whole organisation as we embrace new technologies, efficient processes, and agile ways of working.  

Everyday our capability is growing, through hands-on experience, a growth mindset, strong focus on continuous improvement, investment in our people, and leveraging the broad and deep capability of our suppliers.  

We are exploiting the significant opportunities that new technology brings to deliver superior customer experiences and cost efficiencies for our partners.  

Our approach


Efficient processes with high levels of self service and automation


Agile, multi-platform digital services


Flexible, clear governance and controls (in a 'mutual' framework)


Commercial mindset with measurable outcomes


Reporting data and analytics to provide full-service transparency


Collaborate with partners to manage and change

Our future

Over the next two years, we will continue maturing our organisation, growing our expertise, driving service improvements, and delivering efficiencies.  

Throughout our transformation, our people continue to be at the heart of the company, supported and empowered by positive leaders, and enabled by an inclusive and diverse working environment. 

We are optimistic and energised about the organisation we will be by 2026. 

Our focus


Upskilling our people, attracting the right people at the right time to grow.


Rapid deployment of automation, digitisation and new technologies across services and processes integrating cloud omnichannel customer services platform.

Business agility

Agile isn’t just a buzz word in UKSBS, we’re living and breathing the adoption of agile methodology to foster business agility in all that we do.

End user experience

Mobile, digital, intuitive and engaging systems underpinned by SaaS cloud products connecting our customers and services. self-service technology providing a right first-time customer experience.

We are changing. And you don't want to miss it.

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