Vision, mission and values

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By 2026, we’ll be the leading UK public sector business service provider, efficiently and securely managing multiple technology platforms, and delivering a great user experience for customers.

Out Vision

Our vision is to be the leading UK public sector shared services provider, actively sought by public bodies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality and easy-to-use business services that add value to our partners, so they can focus on achieving the best outcomes for the British people and the UK economy.

Out Values

Our people reshaped our values to reflect our new direction and the behaviours they felt were important as we progress on our journey.

Integrity Bg


We strive to make the right decisions when supporting our clients, and to provide an honest and open service: one where we ask if we are not sure, and take ownership of taking the best outcomes for our clients and ourselves. 

Diversity Bg


We respect, embrace and recognise each other's differences to build a truly diverse workforce and foster excellent relationships with our clients.

Oneteam Bg

One team

We work across service areas to provide excellent services, deliver organisational priorities and to celebrate success together.

Versatility Bg


Through our professional and skilled people, we draw on the resource needed to adapt and respond to our clients' needs, making continuous improvements to ensure we provide a modern service in an ever-changing landscape.

Empowerment Bg


We empower and support our people to take responsibility for, and continually improve the service we deliver to ensure our clients' needs are fully explored, understood and reported. 

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