Equality, diversity and inclusion

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Our vision is for equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) to be firmly embedded in everything that we do. That means embracing diversity within our workforce and creating a supportive environment where everyone feels valued, able to be themselves, and excel.

What equality means to us

Ensuring equal opportunities and fairness for all employees and job applicants, and not treating anyone differently or discriminating against them because of their characteristics.​

What diversity means to us

Recognising the differences between people and groups of people, placing a positive value on those differences, and having a range of perspectives in decision-making to be able to represent the workforce.

What inclusion means to us

An inclusive workforce values its employees and enables individuals to feel part of the community, to contribute to success and perform to their full potential, regardless of background, identity, or circumstance.

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Why the vision matters

If we are to achieve our vision to be the leading UK public sector business services provider, we need to harness the potential from diverse skills, thinking, and experiences and empower our people to shape and realise ideas that drive improvement across our services.

Embracing diversity helps us to consider and better use our individual strengths and understand the differing needs of our customers to ensure that we provide services that are accessible, inclusive and enablers for all.

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Achieving the vision 

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy sets out our commitments and priorities as we work towards the vision.  

It’s a strategy we all own and benefit from - so we all have a part to play in achieving our equality, diversity, and inclusion goals. Individually,  we are empowered to make a difference by identifying barriers and taking action to make our working practices and services more inclusive for our colleagues and customers.

Embracing different ideas and experiences helps us to consider and better use our individual strengths to meet the differing needs of our customers.  As we develop our services we are focused on providing services that are accessible, inclusive and enablers for all. 

Find out more about our inclusive approach to recruitment enables talented people to showcase their skills. 

Our corporate social responsibility

UKSBS is committed to operating responsibly.  Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy outlines our how we as an organisation  take action and contribute to ensuring the impact of our business operations minimises the impact on the environment.   

CSR is embedded into the fabric of our organisation. We manage our environmental impact through a variety of ways including considering environmental concerns and impacts in activities and decision, complying with regulatory and government policies to follow best practice.  We monitor our performance against relevant benchmarks with a focus on energy and water consumption, waste and recycling and emissions through travel.   

We believe that the success of our company is dependent on the engagement, well-being, capability and performance of our people. We are committed to: 

  • Providing a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Creating a culture that promotes inclusion and celebrates diversity, encourages responsibility, initiative and personal development and treats everyone with respect.

You can read about our full year performance in our annual report and accounts.


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