Insight: A Day in the Life of a PMO Analyst

Ever wondered what a PMO professional does?  In UKSBS, projects and portfolio management enables lean, effective change management led by our PMO experts.

Hybrid project meeting underway

One of our key roles in the PMO team is a PMO Analyst.

An analyst supports the implementation of governance frameworks to ensure projects comply with organisational policies and regulatory requirements, offers best practice suggestions and supports tooling for all project management activities. 

Sachin, a PMO Analyst in UKSBS told us what a typical day looks like


“As a PMO Analyst, my day is always buzzing with activity! I kick things off by diving into our project portfolio, making sure as many projects as possible are cruising towards their deadlines. Mornings are all about crunching performance data, crafting insightful reports and populating dashboards with key metrics and project statuses.

Once that's sorted, I switch gears and jump into meetings with project managers and stakeholders. We chat about progress, pinpoint potential risks and brainstorm ways to tackle any issues. It's all about teamwork and staying ahead of the curve.

I'm also passionate about refining our processes and methodologies.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make our PMO frameworks more efficient and to drive continuous improvement. It's incredibly rewarding to provide those critical insights and ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine, ultimately driving success and delivering real value to our organisation. The thrill of refining our processes and methodologies, and seeing the tangible impact of these improvements, is immensely rewarding. It's this dynamic and vibrant environment that makes the role interesting and impactful.

I have been reflecting on how my role aligns with and supports our five new transformation themes outlined in the soon to be published Business Plan. Service Excellence and Cost Effectiveness really resonate with what I do.

As we look at the transformation journey UKSBS will take in the next 5 years, I can see my role playing a big part in the move from manual processes to more automated ways of working and helping to steer the way in embedding Agile practices. Exciting times ahead!”

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