Meet Robert

Rob joined UKSBS in 2010 in the Purchase to Pay team and moved to the Test team as Test Lead in 2012 when the new BIS platform was launched. After several responsibilities were added to his role, Rob is now our Head of Lean Agile Centre of Excellence. His progression is attributed to his desire to learn, commitment to building varied experiences and collaborative mindset – and not forgetting talent. 

Meet People Rob Warner

The value of being a leader in your field

As a technical specialist, I’m more focused on being a leader in my field than whether I get promoted to senior management. Feeling satisfied and achieving my career aspirations comes from widening my perspectives, continually challenging myself, always learning and taking those around me on the journey. Agility teaches us the concept of the ‘Servant Leader’ and that’s certainly how I see myself. My  -*++++primary goals are to make UKSBS a great place for everyone to work and to help us all better serve the public.

UKSBS really supports professionally and personally

Along with a genuine openness and willingness to innovate how we do things the shared Leadership is truly driving us into the future.

Sometimes life throws a curveball and I’ve had my fair share of personal tragedies during my time here. It’s at times like these that you really value having an employer that supports you when your priority needs to be home. UKSBS is truly flexible in its working approach and supportive of work life balance. The value of your employer goes beyond financial gain. 

"Over the years, I’ve been supported to achieve over 25 professional certifications and qualifications which have paved the way to becoming the agile leader in the business (although I had to become a Certified Axe Throwing Coach for myself). The support I’ve received goes far beyond certification; it comes from peers and senior leadership in the respect and value they place on my knowledge."

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