Meet Deepshikha

Deepshikha joined UKSBS as an Oracle DBA in 2013 and is now our Lead Database Administrator. She is a leading light in our Digital & Information team and in our Women in Leadership network. 

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The value of a supportive employer

It’s been a challenging road to becoming a leader in a male dominated IT industry and although progress has been made over the last 20 years, there is still an expectation that women run the home and bring up the family, which leads to many women not achieving their true potential.

Progress has been made to improve the gender balance in the tech industry, but the representation of females still has a long way to go before women are no longer considered the minority in tech.

There are several career myths that can discourage women from choosing careers in tech. Two of the common myths are that tech fields are not feminine and that women are too risk-averse to build large scalable tech businesses. However, the reality is that tech roles are extremely diverse, and women can be just as successful in the tech industry as men.

UKSBS really supports women to progress in IT

Having worked in and for tech companies for more than 15 years now, my experience is that it is not a space where only men are welcome and UK SBS has helped in firming this belief.

When your views and opinions are valued and you are included in decision making, you feel heard and that instils a control over your work life which I have felt in last few years growing as a leader in my area.

UKSBS is a really supportive employer - family focused and flexible in its working approach and enables talented people to progress. These help to break down the barriers to progression for women and enable parents to thrive at home and at work.

"One of the other things I love about working for UKSBS is my peers. I’m surrounded by inspiring, supportive women that successfully juggle being a leader and a mum every day. We are all very different but connected by our desire and belief we can have it all. "

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