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Alongside our procurement frameworks, we also have framework agreements available to the wider scientific research community.

Types of agreements

We manage the following agreements for the supply of scientific research materials and consumables. Each has a buyer’s guide providing detail on the products and services, specific benefits, key contact and advice on how to access the agreement


Laboratory consumables and services, including non-disposable pipettes, calibration and servicing


Molecular biology reagents and chemicals


Oligonucleotides and capillary sequencing services

Existing UKSBS customers can access these agreements through their category teams. Other UK bodies who are eligible to access the framework agreements will need to complete a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and we can then help you access the frameworks.

Accessing agreements

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Th following bodies are able to access our specialist agreements

  • UKRI and their constituent councils, institutes and research centres
  • UK Universities
  • Central Government
  • Public bodies and non-departmental public bodies
  • NHS bodies
  • Local authorities
  • Voluntary sector charities

Agreement benefits

The many benefits of using these agreements include:

  • Reduced procurement timescale and cost, through ‘call off’ from pre-competed procurements
  • Assurance that:
    • Value for money delivered following regular benchmarking of service quality and pricing
    • Confidence that sourcing is compliant with the EU procurement directives and UK procurement regulations.
  • Improved control, monitoring and transparency of spend, through clear management information and pre-agreed costs
  • Quality of service and customer satisfaction through our supplier management

You can contact us about your requirements: [email protected] 

Frameworks available to the research community

The live agreements below show the procurement frameworks and agreements we have available to public sector organisations.

Buyer’s guides provide details of the scope and access arrangements, including a list of public sector organisations that can use each agreement.

Research consumables and equipment




Start date: 

End date: 

Laboratory Consumables 


All Laboratory consumables including Glassware, Plastics, Pipettes (Disposable and Non-disposable) Repeaters and Manual dispensers, Laboratory PPE and Pipette servicing (there is one optional 12 month extension) 




Oligonucleotide Synthesis and DNA Sequencing Services 


Oligonucleotide Synthesis and DNA Sequencing Services (The final extension has been used and UKSBS will not be replacing this Framework) 




Molecular Biology and Laboratory Chemicals 


Molecular Biology and Laboratory Chemicals (The final extension has been used and UKSBS will not be replacing this Framework) 




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