BLOG: Rob Warner, UKSBS Head of the Lean Agile Centre of Excellence - using agile to drive forward transformational change

Agile is not just a buzz word in UKSBS. Our ambition is to adopt a mindset and behaviours that support the development of our service provision.

Meet People Rob Warner

We’re starting to realise the benefits of a more agile approach to adopting modern technologies and in our ways of working.  With business agility at the top of our strategic agenda, new thinking means we will be able to support our own and our clients transformation quickly and effectively.

Our Lean Agile Centre of Excellence serves as the primary resource or Single Source of Truth for Lean-Agile practitioners within UKSBS, supporting our Agile journey to continuously scale and improve our capabilities. Ultimately, to maximise the value of the services we deliver to our customers.

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to facilitate our first Value Stream Mapping workshop. Having earlier identified our first Value Stream, we took the time to look at some metrics around it and give ourselves some quality data to inform our decisions. This was a first for us and it was terrible. And amazing!

Expecting to be perfect the first time we try a new process is highly unrealistic. We learn more from failure than success and the opportunities presented by the outcomes were clear and obvious to all who attended.

Understanding where there’s waste, what our active and wait times are, coupled with how much rework is required opens doors for us. Can we get a better understanding of our costs? Can we identify our constraints? Can we see any non- valuable processes? What can be automated? And much, much more.

I’m extremely honoured (and excited) to say that UKSBS has given the time, space, and faith for us to press on with this vital work. In an incredibly busy environment, it is always difficult to give ourselves the time and permission to concentrate on improving our ways of working, but that is what we have done.

All the while we’ve been working across teams and figuratively tearing down those siloes so common in organisations, concentrating on our end users and how we deliver value to them.

UKSBS are truly entering a new era.

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