Meet Nandita

Nandita joined UKSBS in 2023 as Business Change Manager, a demanding role right at the heart of our business as we and our clients transform, and sometimes finding the perfect equilibrium between work and family life can feel like an elusive goal.

Meet People Nandita Sharma

The value of work life balance

While I’m a working mum, raising a family and enjoying the key moments isn’t the sum of who I am and what I want from life. As any parent and carer will recognise, I have talents and aspirations outside of family life and it can be challenging to progress your career while meeting family demands. I believe you can have it all – a little planning, flexibility, and an understanding workplace are key to achieving the optimal work life balance. The joy I get from preparing fresh meals, taking my daughter to piano or swimming classes, and spending quality time with friends and family is non-negotiable for me.

UKSBS really supports working parents and flexible working

Having the right employer and supportive colleagues is vital to work life balance. UKSBS truly embraces flexible working approaches and has family friendly policies that underpin how we work. I feel trusted and empowered to plan and deliver my workload and diary flexibly. My diary is my trusted companion, I build my work and personal commitments into it from the outset and I’m proactive in communicating to clients and colleagues when I’m not working. It’s a very collaborative working environment and flexibility is a two way relationship which we all embrace. It means that work continues when one of the team needs to respond to the unexpected in life.

"Flexing work and family life isn't about striving for perfection. It's about finding a rhythm that works for me and my loved ones. It's about understanding that life doesn't always follow a rigid schedule, and that's perfectly okay."

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