UK SBS is pleased to be a provider of the Eduroam service, which is a global service aimed at providing a common internet access capability across thousands of educational establishments around the world.

The Eduroam service provides internet access for visitors from other Eduroam participating establishments, using logon credentials from the user’s home establishment. RCUK staff can also use the Eduroam service on site or at other Eduroam establishments seamlessly.

  • Members of RCUK can use the Eduroam wireless network at Polaris House.
  • Members of RCUK can seamlessly use the Eduroam wireless network at other Eduroam-enabled locations around the UK and the rest of the world.
  • Visitors from other Eduroam-enabled organisations can access the wireless network at RCUK seamlessly.

Please note:

visit the eduroam website for more information

If a user ends their association with RCUK or UK SBS, that user is required to remove the Eduroam profile from any and all devices used to access the service.

Should a user require technical support, they must contact the UK SBS Service Desk in the first instance, unless the issue is clearly with the visited site network.