We appreciate that receiving payment for the services and products you’ve supplied is hugely important to all our supply chain, particularly at this challenging time.

You can help us to ensure you receive payments promptly by submitting your invoices and other correspondence directly to our finance teams via email at finance@uksbs.co.uk .

Paying our suppliers is a top priority for our teams. Please be assured we are working hard to minimise the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on payments, however there may be occasions when delays happen. If you posted invoices after 16 March and are yet to receive payment, please email the invoice to finance@uksbs.co.uk and state that you have previously posted this invoice. If you do experience issues with the payment of your invoices, please email us at finance@uksbs.co.uk to follow up.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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UK SBS provides an end to end procurement service to the public sector. Our customers include UKRI, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and its partner organisations.

Suppliers are critical to the success of our procurement service. That’s why UK SBS work with customers to select suppliers who deliver to our customers expectations.

As a public sector mutual, UK SBS shares the goals of its public sector owners and customers to deliver value for money for UK taxpayers and an ongoing focus to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of its service.

Working on behalf of the public sector, UK SBS complies with the EU Procurement Directives and UK procurement regulations in the selection of its suppliers. We are committed to improving the transparency of, and ensuring equality of access to, public sector business. Key to delivering on our commitment is our focus on removing the barriers to participating in opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

How do I become a supplier?

UK SBS does not hold an approved supplier list or maintain lists of potential suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the public sector, UK SBS has two approaches to supplier selection - one for lower value requirements and the other for requirements above the EU threshold limits. UK SBS uses e-sourcing to support all procurements which are competitively tendered.

Lower value requirements

To fulfil lower value requirements that are not achievable through an existing contract or framework agreement, UK SBS identifies potential suppliers via:

  • The web
  • Supplier catalogues
  • Trade information
  • National and trade press
  • Existing supplier networks

Competitive tender requirements

UK SBS uses Contracts Finder to advertise all contract opportunities that are subject to an openly advertised competitive tendering procedure. You can search for opportunities at the following web site Contracts Finder

Requirements above OJEU threshold limits

Requirements above the relevant OJEU threshold levels - whether renewals or for new requirements - will be taken forward in accordance with public procurement regulations, Government policy and best practice.

Opportunities are advertised through Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), but may be changed to the utilisation of a Government portal if the UK leaves the EU.

Guide to Procurement stages

What does this mean?
Contracts Finder
The UK Governments portal for advertising opportunities, which can also be used in conjunction with an OJEU notice, depending upon the value of the opportunity.
Prior Information Notice (PIN)
This can be an advanced warning of an upcoming procurement exercise or alternatively can be used as a call for competition depending upon the application adopted.
OJEU Notice
A notification openly advertising a procurement opportunity beyond the UK’s domestic market.
Expressions of Interest
A process where suppliers are invited to register their intent to take part in the bidding process.
Invitation to Quote (ITQ)
A single stage process that covers capability and capacity as well as a submitted proposal for an opportunity, usually associated with low value opportunities.
Request for Information (RFI)
The first stage of a two-part process where suppliers are asked to provide written information to support evaluation of their capability and capacity in regard to an opportunity.
Request to Participate(RFP)
A single stage process that covers capability and capacity as well as a submitted proposal for an opportunity.
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
A further or mini competition is a process followed to place an order against a framework agreement, or Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) where the details of the requirement and the supplier have not been specified.
Call off, mini-competition, further competition
A further or mini competition is a process followed to place an order against a framework agreement, where the details of the requirement and the supplier have not been specified. ​


E-sourcing tools

UK SBS uses the Delta Portal as its e-sourcing tool. A guide to registering and using for the first time can be found below.

Delta Guide for Evaluators

Delta e-Sourcing Profile Manager quick start guide

Delta e-Sourcing Supplier Account Manager quick start guide

Delta e-Sourcing Supplier FAQs

Delta e-Sourcing Supplier Response Manager user guide

If you need support with using this tool, please email Delta@uksbs.co.uk.

Useful Links

UK SBS Procurement terms and conditions

All UK SBS procurements are conducted in a fair and open manner. Records are made at all stages in order that the procedure is fully auditable.

Procurement Transparency Statement