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UK SBS manage the supply chain and procurement agreements for products and services that support the wide ranging laboratory research requirements of the Research Councils, research institutes and units, UK universities and the wider public sector.

The primary objective of these agreements is to achieve best value for our customers through the collective buying power of the research community. UK SBS provides a responsive route to the marketplace, enabling access to choice, quality and value, allowing our customers to focus on their world-leading research projects.

UK SBS has a dedicated Scientific Research team who manage agreements for the supply of:

Laboratory Consumables and Services

UK SBS has agreements for products and services used within research laboratories such as:

  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Molecular biology reagents
  • Laboratory Consumables (glass and plastic items)
  • Oligonucleotides, Capillary Sequencing Services
  • Non Disposable Pipettes and calibration and servicing of pipettes

What are the benefits of using these agreements?

  • Reduced procurement timescale and cost through the ‘call off’ from a pre-competed procurement exercise
  • Confidence that
    • Value for money is acheived through regular benchmarking of service quality and pricing
    • Sourcing is compliant with the EU Procurement Directives and UK Procurement Regulations
  • Improved control, monitoring and transparency of spend through comprehensive management information and pre-agreed costs
  • Increased quality of service and customer satisfaction through UK SBS Supplier Management
  • Fit for purpose agreements developed with end users and buyers from the UK research community.

How do I find out more about an agreement?

The Laboratory Consumables and Services agreements have a Guide for Buyers providing further detail on the products and services, benefits specific to that agreement, guidance on how to access and key contacts.

Agreements under the Laboratory Equipment area are generally used by our customers to fulfil specialist research equipment needs. If you have requirements in this area, contact our team via to discuss your needs.

Information for Buyers

These resources have been created to support buyers, from organisations that take UK SBS-managed service and from the wider public sector, to benefit from high quality and best value laboratory consumables. Buyers should start by reading the Guide for Buyers which explains the structure of the agreement, how to access and the benefits of using.

Laboratory Consumables

Guide for Buyers

Contract terms and conditions

Oligonucleotide Synthesis and DNA Sequencing Services

Guide for Buyers

Non Disposable Handheld Pipettes, Repeaters and Pipette Controllers

Guide for Buyers

Molecular Biology and Laboratory Chemicals

Buyers Guide

Contract terms and conditions

Information for Suppliers

UK SBS does not hold an approved supplier list or maintain lists of potential suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the public sector, UK SBS has two approaches to supplier selection. Find out more on our supplier pages.

Want to know more?

If you need to talk to us about your requirements, the Scientific Research team can be contacted by email at