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Q1: What is UK SBS iSupplier?

UK SBS iSupplier is an enterprise application that holds all supplier communication through a secure internet-based portal. It is a standard Oracle Financials product and is offered to UK SBS suppliers free of charge.

As a supplier, you will have a local UK SBS iSupplier Administrator who has the authority to grant additional logins and passwords to as many individuals in your organisation as required. This could be limited to a handful of individuals in your Accounts department or extended to include individuals in your Sales department.

Q2: What should I use UK SBS iSupplier for?

By using UK SBS iSupplier, suppliers are able to access their latest account information, including invoice status, purchase orders, delivery information and the status of any payments.

Put simply, it enables UK SBS Suppliers to obtain up-to-date information relating to their account at any time.

UK SBS iSupplier also enables suppliers to enter invoices directly into the UK SBS Financial System. As soon as the invoice is entered, suppliers can track the invoice through its life cycle from approval to payment using UK SBS iSupplier. This reduces the risk of invoices getting lost in the post or being sent to the wrong address.

Q3: How do I access UK SBS iSupplier?

You must first register with us, then you can access the system.

Q4: How do I reset my password?

If you need to change or reset your password this must be done on the iSupplier site. UK SBS cannot change or reset your password.

Once you have requested to reset your password via Login Assisance in the Logon screen, you will receive an email from UK SBS with further instructions.

Please wait at least 15-30 minutes for the email to come through and ensure it hasn't been moved to your Spam folder before contacting UK SBS.

Q5: Can I change my address and bank details using UK SBS iSupplier?

If you need to change your address and/or bank details then this can be done via the RCUK iSupplier Portal Supplier Admin responsibility. Should you need to access this then you must contact your company Administrator. Guidance can be found on our iSupplier page.

Q6: What are my payment terms?

Our standard payment terms will be communicated to each supplier and payment terms will start from invoice date or invoice received date, whichever is the later. UK SBS make payment by BACS transfer.

Q7: I am receiving an error message, why is this?

There are a couple of reasons an error could have occurred. Firstly when using UK SBS iSupplier, users should not use the Internet Explorer ‘Back’ button. Instead, they should use the file path held within UK SBS iSupplier. From the file path, users are able to return to any of the previously used screens. Secondly if you receive an unexpected error when submitting an invoice for example, please log out and log back into the system. Click on the Finance tab to locate the invoice and select update.

Q8: How do I reduce my search results?

UK SBS iSupplier allows users to use the symbol ‘%’ as a wildcard when completing searches. For example, if when searching for an invoice number you know it begins with ‘INV’ but are not sure of the following numbers, you can search for INV% - this returns all invoices which begin with the characters INV.

The wildcard can be used either side of a search, for example if you know a PO number contains the sequence 4567, but are not sure what precedes or follows the sequence, you can search for: %4567% to obtain all records where the sequence 4567 appears

Q9: How do I see more than 25 search results?

When you search for data within UK SBS iSupplier, the system views 25 records each time. This does not mean additional records are not available; these can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Next25’ hyperlink appearing at the top and bottom of the search results. If you view the following 25 records, you are still able to return to the previous data by clicking the ‘Previous 25’ hyperlink.

Q10: Who do I contact for help and support?

If you have any queries about your UK SBS iSupplier user ID or password, please contact your UK SBS iSupplier Administrator or consult our user guide.

If you have any queries about how to use UK SBS iSupplier, please email us.

For all invoice and payment queries you can view details on the iSupplier portal please consult our user guide for more information. If you still have invoice and payment queries please email us or call 01793 867004.

Q11: How do I upload multiple invoices?

To upload multiple invoices please use the More4Apps template.

On completion of the template, please email to with More4Apps in the subject title ensuring you attach a PDF copy of all invoices relating to the template.

Q12: What happens if there are any discrepancies with matching an invoice to a purchase order?

When matching an invoice to a Purchase Order, if any issues such as quantity or unit price differ, please speak to your contact within the Research Council to have the order amended.

Q13: What do I do if I am a foreign supplier?

Foreign suppliers are still required to submit their invoices using the iSupplier portal however, if you need to add or change existing bank details please complete the Non UK Supplier form and send it to

Q14: What do I do if I have submitted an invoice for the incorrect amount?

Please contact to highlight the issue. If the invoice has not been paid we can cancel from the system on your behalf which will allow you to re-enter the invoice with an “A” after the invoice number for the correct amount. If the invoice has been paid and the PO is still open, please enter a credit and then re-enter the invoice with an “A” after the invoice number. If the PO is closed we will need to arrange for our Procurement team to re-open the PO so you can submit a credit note followed by the invoice. You will need to ensure an “A” is added to the end of the invoice number.

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