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Meet Joana​​​


Two years ago, when I successfully applied to work on a data cleanse project at UK SBS, I was attracted by the job itself (before having children I had worked in a building society) and the 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm working pattern which fitted perfectly alongside my husband’s hours. This meant that I would be able to return to work, which I hadn’t done immediately after having my daughters, because of childcare costs.

Finding the perfect working pattern

I’ve since been promoted to Evening Team Performance Leader in Payroll, and my current team of seven employees includes a number of mums who want to carry on working and looking after their children during the day and holidays. Flexibility appeals to many different people and another member of the evening team works to earn extra money so she can indulge her love of travel.

The ‘Evening Elves’

Much of my team’s work complements the daytime team by delivering processes that don’t need to be completed during normal office hours. A colleague described us as the ‘Evening Elves’ who come in, set to work and it’s all done by morning! The work is satisfying in many ways, with opportunities to multi-skill, and train and learn new systems and methods.

Rewarding as well as flexible

No two days are the same, and although there is liaison with daytime colleagues, it is important that we can pick things up seamlessly through strong skills and teamwork. After all, everyone cares about their pay. We all benefit from working hours that accommodate other aspects of our lives, but we also operate flexibly, adapting and working differently to meet business needs as they change. We’re proud we can always be relied upon - and that’s part of our job satisfaction. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

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