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Meet Lavinca​​​


Joining UK SBS in 2018 after moving to the UK the previous year, was much more than the beginning of a new phase of my career as a project manager. I was working in a new country, and in a much bigger organisation than I had been in when I was in Africa.

New job, new culture

I had experience as a social research project manager, and what attracted me was the opportunity to broaden my skills by working on more technical projects. Although I had a good foundation in the principles of project management, managing projects at UK SBS was different, and I was on a steep learning curve.

Making the most of a supportive workplace

The support I have received from managers and colleagues here has made all the difference. As well as benefiting from formal professional training like Prince2 Agile, my manager encourages me to make the most of online courses in the UK SBS training catalogue to equip me with skills that are essential for my role.

It is a fast-paced environment, managing a range of projects from inception to completion – some of them complex - to deliver the UK SBS Business Plan, and liaising with clients and teams across UK SBS. I’m juggling the demands of being a mum with a career. In Africa, I had a support network, whereas now it’s down to me and my husband, so being able to work flexible hours has allowed me to continue with my career.

The friendship of colleagues

My colleagues have played a major role in helping me settle into my working life in the UK; they pointed me in the right direction with little things like which buses to take to work, where to get different household items, and holiday kids’ clubs. This all-round support has meant I’m less distracted about my personal life and hence able to concentrate more on my work. With encouragement and support from UK SBS, my career is moving in the right direction.​​​

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