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Meet Kayleigh​​


My early career started in Sales and then Customer Services in a telecommunications company in Scotland. I moved to take up a new role managing the Service Desk for the company, which increased my technical knowledge and led to me being promoted to Operations Manager. Following that I joined UK SBS where my career has progressed but is still very much about keeping the customer in mind.

Putting customers first

Information Technology isn’t only about the technology. It’s also about the people who are using the systems. I have always put myself in the shoes of the service user, and I have been able to develop this passion since joining UK SBS as Operations Manager in 2016.

I now head up the Service Operations Team which includes four sections which together make sure that the delivery of IT services meets customers’ needs. It’s a demanding role with thirty direct management reports, but I still have customer contact, keep my technical skills up to date and, at the same time, work strategically – helping to implement the bigger picture. We need to be able to think like a non-technically trained customer, explain things clearly, reassure people, gain their confidence and leave a good impression as we resolve any issues.

Being rewarded for hard work

The proudest moment of my career has been enabling UK SBS employees to work from home during the Covid-19 crisis. My teams and I put in long hours, and this needed energy and determination, but as well as receiving a recognition award, I was supported by my manager who made sure that I adjusted the work/life balance back once the work was delivered. Hard work is recognised, and flexibility with working patterns means that I’m able to juggle my career with a busy family life.

Depending on, and supporting colleagues

It’s not only those with families who benefit from a supportive approach to work/life balance. Everyone is asked to pull together as one team, so the work gets done and the right thing is done by the customer and colleagues. I think of colleagues as my ‘work family’, and approachable management and enabling people to work at their best means that you can rely on colleagues.

Many people ask me whether I’m proud to be a senior woman in IT. Of course I am, and I am often approached to provide mentoring support. UK SBS provides good progression opportunities for all, in all areas of the business. Get a foot in the door, work hard and we will support you to reach your goals.​​

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