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Meet Alan​​​


I’ve moved out of my comfort zone a number of times to make the most of opportunities. I joined UK SBS’ Training Team in 2014 armed with a degree in Computing, and I’m now Performance Leader for the Accounts Payable team, based in Billingham.

I built experience working in a number of Finance Service teams, and through temporary promotion. After that, when I felt ready, I applied for my current role, which I started in March 2019.

My ‘Team of Legends’

My team of nine people works alongside other teams to provide Finance Service delivery.

Everyone is flexible and wants to do a good job. We support each other so we can all be empowered to take responsibility, and we go the extra mile and help others in the team when they need a hand or if someone is on leave. This gets the work done, and also gives members of the team the chance to gain more skills. I call them my team of legends for good reason.

Making the most of opportunities

I always encourage the team to gain new skills. I have been fortunate and found that managers have always supported me to learn more and progress. My knowledge is still growing, and I strongly believe that new ideas and improvements come through training and personal development.

UK SBS has given me a lot of scope to work in different areas of the business and to train - it’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to progress.​​​

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