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Data Protection


Gaining Access to Personal Information Processed by UK SBS

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives an individual the right of access to information about themselves (personal data) held by a data controller (the organisation processing the data).

This right and process is commonly referred to as Subject Access.

A "data subject" (the person about whom the personal data refers) is entitled, upon written request, to be informed whether or not their personal data is held or processed. If such data is being processed they are further entitled to:

  • be given a copy of the information in permanent form,
  • an explanation of any technical terms which forms part of the information,
  • the source of the information (if known)
  • a description of the information, the purposes for processing the information and who the organisation is sharing the information with.

If you would like to know what information (if any) is processed by UK SBS about you please write to the UK SBS Risk & Information Manager providing sufficient information for UK SBS to be able to ensure you are the person the information relates to and to locate the data you are seeking access to. Such as:

  • your full name, address and contact telephone number;
  • any information used by UK SBS to identify or distinguish you from others of the same name, i.e. employee number
  • details of the specific information you require and any relevant dates, for example:
    - your personnel file;
    - emails between particular individuals during a specified date range
    - CCTV images of particular location(s) on specified date(s)

UK SBS acts as a ‘data processor’ for many organisations, this means that whilst UK SBS stores information on behalf of their clients, such as HR and finance records, UK SBS is not responsible for providing subject access to that information, the organisation contracting UK SBS retain that responsibility. Please follow this link to a list of organisations that UK SBS may process data on behalf of. If the information you are seeking access to is being processed by UK SBS on behalf of an organisation listed, your request will be transferred to the relevant organisation.

UK SBS is the 'data controller' for data relating to direct employment to the company and candidate records created through our site.


Contact details:
Risk & Information Manager
Polaris House
North Star Avenue


Please note that once your request has been received it may take up to 40 days to provide you with information (section 7(10) of the Data Protection Act 1998).

Further information and guidance regarding the subject access process can be found on the

Information Commissioners website.