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UK SBS has a strategic alliance with the Crown Commercial Service to realise the benefits from collaborative procurement for UK public sector. Our collaborative approach to buying goods and services on behalf of Government and the wider public sector is focused on achieving the highest quality and maximum value for money, supporting public service providers to deliver more for less.

As a public sector mutual,UK SBS share the commitments and aims of the public sector – to deliver efficient and effective services while supporting innovation and growth in the UK economy.

How do I find out which procurement agreements I can use?

The ‘Live Agreements’ table below outlines the procurement frameworks and agreements put in place by UK SBS and available for use by public sector organisations. To understand the scope of, and how to access an agreement, view the buyer guide for the relevant agreement. A list of public sector organisations that can use each agreement is provided within the framework information.

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Name: Market Research:
Ref: MR130001
Scope: Standard and specialist market research
Start date: 07/04/2014
End date: 07/04/2018
View agreement details.
Name: Futures Research:
Ref: FWCR140228
Scope: Specialist futures analysis and research services
Start date: 24/03/2015
End date: 24/03/2017
View agreement details.
Name: BEIS Research and Evaluation:
Ref: CR150025BIS
Scope: Research and evaluation services
Start date: 02/01/2016
End date: 02/01/2020
View agreement details.

Name: Laboratory Consumables
Ref: RE160396
Scope: Glassware, Plastics, and Disposable Pipettes, Syringes, Needles
Start date: 28/05/2017
End date: 27/05/2020
View agreement details.
Name: Oligonucleotides and DNA Sequencing Guide for Buyers
Ref: RE130062
Scope: Oligonucleotides and DNA Sequencing
Start date:    16/05/2014 (Lot 1)
01/04/2014 (Lot 2)
End date: 16/05/2017 (Lot 1)
01/04/2017 (Lot 2)
View agreement details.
Name: Non Disposable Handheld Pipettes, Repeaters and Manual Dispensers
Ref: RE130080
Scope: Non Disposable Handheld Pipettes, Repeaters and Manual Dispensers
Start date:    07/07/2014
End date: 05/07/2018
View agreement details.
Name: Laboratory Chemicals
Ref: RE140019
Scope: Chemicals and Reagents, Stains and Dyes, Isotopes and Disinfectants
Start date:    01/04/2015
End date: 01/04/2018
View agreement details.
Name: Molecular Biology
Ref: RE150020
Scope: Molecular biology
Start date:    01/07/2016
End date: 01/07/2018
View agreement details.
Name: Gene Expression & Genotyping Analysis Equipment, Associated Equipment, Accessories, Consumables, Maintenance and Servicing of Equipment framework
Ref: LAB3096 NW
Scope: High Value Spectroscopy Equipment, Associated Equipment, Accessories, and Consumables with the provision for Maintenance and Servicing of Equipment
Start date:    01/09/2016
End date: 31/01/2019
View agreement details.


 What's new...

The new Laboratory Consumables agreement has gone live. More information can be found in the Buyer Guide.