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UK SBS is a limited Company and a public body. Its corporate governance arrangements have been designed to ensure compliance with Company Law, relevant legislation and Government policy while delivering high-quality shared business services.

The UK SBS Board is appointed by the Company’s ten shareholders and is accountable to them for the efficient and effective operation of the Company in accordance with the Business Plan. The Board operates in accordance with the Company’s constitution.

The Board has seven non-executive directors, two of whom are independent and five are from the Company’s shareholders, plus the UK SBS Executive Director. The Board meets every two months and its minutes are published here. Prior to December 2015 the UK SBS Board Communique provides a summary of its discussions and agendas.

The UK SBS Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the Company in accordance with the Business Plan and instructions from the Board and is supported by the Executive team.

Staying close to our customers

We stay close to our customers through our service working groups, direct customer feedback and account management activities. Customer feedback is reported to the Board and helps us to continuously improve our services.


Our Business Plan 2016-2017:
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